Alex Lalovic


Associate Lecturer/ Clinical Supervisor (Exercise Physiology)

P: 08 9956 0214

F: 08 9934 6034

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Professional Background:

Graduated Murdoch University in 2013 and worked in private practice as co-founder/owner at CALO Health until the end of 2016. At CALO, Alex was involved in the day to day operations of running a practice, marketing and finance whilst also working with a wide range of clients including those with chronic health conditions and elite athletes.


Honours research linked the field of expertise, visual anticipation (motor control) and weight transfer (biomechanics) to examine the differences in the ability to recognise and hit a baseball pitch (whilst occluded during early ball flight) between a player of Major League Baseball experience to players from the Australian Baseball League.


Alex is an avid sports fan and has played many sports competitively including soccer, futsal, Australian Rules football, cricket and volleyball. He also enjoys reading about business, in particular digital marketing and how to maximise digital marketing strategies to build a client base.