RHCE High Risk Foot Final Report

High Risk Foot – Training of Health Professionals to Assess the High Risk Foot.

WACRH obtained a Rural Health Continuing Education Grant for the High Risk Foot Project to deliver training workshops in rural and remote areas of WA to:

Increase awareness of high risk foot disease

Supply culturally appropriate diabetes foot care patient educational materials

Train health care professionals how to do a foot risk assessment

Supply health professionals with the necessary equipment to do a foot risk assessment

Provide ongoing High Risk Foot education



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As part of a High Risk Foot intervention in Western Australia, we aimed to respond to these research findings and provide a practical way to implement state directives for Aboriginal foot health. Two diabetes foot care education movies have been created and are available as DVDs or can be viewed online at https://vimeo.com/69131503 and https://vimeo.com/85494467. These movies were produced in partnership with Goolarri Media Enterprises, an Aboriginal media company