Mr Des Thompson Murchison Health Leadership Grant

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The WA Centre for Rural Health are seeking applicants for the Mr Des Thompson Murchison Health Leadership Grant.

Mr Des Thompson was a well-known and respected Badimia elder and leader in the Murchison region and beyond. Des was known for his commitment to improving health and wellbeing, his diplomacy, his humble approach, humour and reputation as a gentle and honourable man. Des passed away on 17 August 2018.

This grant honours the memory of Mr Des Thompson and aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Murchison communities and support Murchison health leaders.

This grant is to support an individual or community capacity building activity. For example, the grant could be used to cover the cost of fees to attend a course or workshop, cover travel or accommodation costs to attend an education or training activity, cover costs to bring a presenter to the Murchison to deliver a program or workshop.

One grant to the value of $2500 is being offered.

 “Des was highly respected and admired when he worked at the WA Centre for Rural Health, as he was everywhere in this region,” says Dr Ivan Lin Senior Lecturer of the WA Centre for Rural Health.

“We are pleased to be able to honour his memory by supporting this scholarship to benefit health and wellbeing in the Murchison,” says Ivan.

“The grant acknowledges a great man who gave so much to his community and his country to help improve Aboriginal health, without question and without prejudice,” says Jamie Strickland, Regional Director Midwest Gascoyne, Dept of Communities.

“This grant provides support for others to perhaps follow in his footsteps and helps to keep his memory alive,” says Jamie.

For further details or assistance, please contact the WA Centre for Rural Health on 08 9956 0200 or

Applications close on Friday 20 August 2021. 

Photo caption: Mr Des Thompson’s family Shikera Jones (granddaughter), Katrina Thompson (daughter), Michelle Thompson (daughter), and Dr Ivan Lin from the WA Centre for Rural Health.

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